Slurry high-pressure die-casting machines 06FKL-M

Casting machine 06FKL-M is used to produce ceramic ware from steatite, aluminum oxide, ferrite and other slurries by high-pressure die-casting. Casting machines can be equipped with an add-on device for work in the automatic mode. (Customers need to specify if they need such add-on when they place their order).

The casting machine can be used to produce plates, rings, bushes, disks etc.

Maximum dimensions of the parts casted by 06FKL-M casting machine:
- in the manual mode 200 х 200 х 150 mm;
- in the automatic mode 70 х 70 х 8 mm.
Slurry high-pressure die-casting machines 06FKL-M

Specifications of 06FKL-M casting machines

Machine output, pcs per hour:
Manual mode
Automatic mode
- on 4 pcs die mould with one item volume 15 sm3
- on 12pcs die mold with one item volume 1.5 sm3
- on a single die mould with a molded part weight 25 g (35 sm3)
Working temperature of the slurry, °C
Compressed air supplied to the die-casting machine at the pressure of 0.6 MPA (6 kgs/sm2), m3/h
Water consumption for die mould cooling, m3/h
Up to 3
Maximum electric power consumption, not more than, kW
Overall dimensions of the casting machine, not more than, mm
1200 x 550 x 1700
Weight of the casting machine, no more than, kg
Slurry tank volume, l*
The casting machine has an built-in vacuum pump providing pressure for slurry degassing, Pa (mm hg)
133–1330 (1-10)

* - Slurry tank volume can be reduced on request of the Customer

Our company Prisma LLC can design and manufacture slurry die-casting machines to your specifications.