Industrial processing equipment of Prizma LLC: engineering and production

Limited Liability Company Prizma was established on the basis of the Experimental Design Bureau of Iskitim Mechanical Engineering plant at the end of 1995 and was registered by decision № 569 of Iskitim Administration dated December 04, 1995.

At present the enterprise has its own production facilities with a good tooling system, a design engineering department and a production control office. All this allows us to produce complex goods, to develop and introduce new goods using our own resources.

Our enterprise Prizma LLC is successfully manufacturing industrial processing equipment for various industries. Our main goods include vacuum pumps, technological gas cleaning installations, water treatment systems, and vacuum and hydrogen industrial furnaces. Our enterprise designs and manufactures molding machines, vibration mills, and vibration insulation equipment. Production of vacuum pumps, ion and turbomolecular pumps, industrial electric furnaces, vibration mills and other processing equipment is certified and conforms to the requirements of GOST R ISO 9001-2008, which allows us to achieve the highest quality of the equipment we produce.

You can find the equipment designed and manufactured by LLC Prizma in scientific research institutes and factories, in design offices and laboratories. The sales geography of the industrial equipment produced by Prizma LLC is also very extensive and includes Moscow and Vladivostok, Kaliningrad and Novosibirsk, Ekaterinburg and St.-Petersburg, Omsk and Volgograd, Ryazan and Penza, Saratov and Krasnoyarsk, Rostov-on-Don and Ufa, Irkutsk and Izhevsk, Krasnodar and Nizhni Novgorod, Perm and Kazan, Samara and Chelyabinsk, Kemerovo and Voronezh, and lots of other cities and regional centers throughout Russia. It should be also said that the equipment we develop and manufacture is often unique in its way and is produced in a single copy specially for our customers. We also have a large experience of supplying our industrial processing equipment to other countries - to China, Korea, Poland, Iran, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other counties of the near and far abroad.

... Vacuum equipment

- turbomolecular vacuum pumps with flow rates from 40 to 1,000 l/min, ion vacuum pumps with flow rates from 5 to 1,000 l/min, vacuum getter-ion installations, vacuum chambers and valves, as well as other vacuum equipment for different applications.

... Gas cleaning installations

- installations, lines and systems for technological gas clearing - installations to clear nitrogen, argon, hydrogen, oxygen, gas cleaning filters of various capacity, regeneration system for gas cleaning installations.

... Industrial furnaces

- vacuum furnaces, industrial and laboratory hydrogen in various modifications and with different capacity, high-temperature tunnel furnaces, electric resistance furnaces with controlled environment.

... Molding machines

- installations for hot slurry molding under pressure.

Our web-site also presents other industrial equipment produced by Prizmа LLC for different applications. We regularly present new models developed and tested by our specialists.