Tunnel resistance furnace with controlled atmosphere OKB-8097

Tunnel resistance furnace with controlled atmosphere OKB-8097 is used for heat treatment of ceramics, nonmetallic materials and other products.

Pusher-type tunnel hydrogen furnace OKB-8097 features the following:
- semi-automatic loading into the electric furnace, pushing the boats with workpieces along the furnace and unloading them from the furnace;
- special attachments to the furnace - loading and unloading chambers, the design of which makes it possible to maintain preserve invariable composition and pressure of the working atmosphere of the hydrogen electric furnace during semi-automatic loading and unloading of the boats with the products;
- elongated conical shaped of the case of the tunnel furnace which in combination with respective lining ensures smooth increase and decrease of temperature along the channel in the electric furnace.

Temperature in the pusher-type furnace tunnel hydrogen furnace OKB-8097 is adjusted automatically by a pre-set program. The composition and the consumption of the working gases is set and controlled by furnace operators according to the requirements of the technological process. There is no control of the composition of gases exiting from the tunnel furnace provided by its design.

Products for heat treatment are placed on special boats (trays) made of electrolytically produced corundum. Nominal dimensions of the boat in its lower part are 170 х 170 mm. It is also possible to use boats from 140 to 240 mm long and 170 mm wide. Boats move along the channel of the tunnel furnace due to mechanical force applied to the length of the last boat by the reciprocating motion of the hydrocylinder plus original loading clearances. Time during which workpieces can remain in the hydrogen furnace may vary from 2 hours 30 minutes to 20 hours.

Working atmosphere of the tunnel furnace can be regenerative or neutral and gases are used respectively:
- hydrogen with a dew-point from 0 to - 30°С;
- additionally cleaned hydrogen with a dew-point from-50 to-60 °С;
- additionally moistened hydrogen with a dew-point from 0 to +30 °С;
- nitrogen with a dew-point from 0 to-30 °С;
- additionally cleaned nitrogen with a dew-point from-50 to-60 °С;
- mixtures of nitrogen with hydrogen in any proportion and with any dew-point within the limits specified above.
Tunnel resistance furnace with controlled atmosphere OKB-8097

Specifications of pusher-type tunnel hydrogen furnace OKB-8097

Power consumption of the furnace, not more than, kW
Length of the area with the highest temperature 1700 °С, mm
Maximum temperature in the working area, °С
Error of maximum set temperature ±, °С
Purging of loading / unloading chambers
Temperature of the products exiting the furnace at maximum temperature:
- without the cooler, °С
from 50 to 100
- with the cooler, °С
from 30 to 60
Control of the hydraulic drive of the furnace
automatic or manual
Nominal pressure in the hydraulic drive system, MPa
Furnace dimensions, L x W x H, mm
7900 x 3200 x 2200
Weight of the furnace, kg
Area occupied by the furnace, m2
Scope of delivery of the electric furnace includes the following products and operation manuals:
- furnace section - 1 piece;
- loading section- 1 piece;
- unloading section - 1 piece;
- gas system components - 1 set;
- control panel - 1 piece;
- loading section- 1 piece;
- hydraulic system components - 1 set;
- spare parts and accessories kit according to EPVT1.00 ZI - 1 set;
- operation manuals according to EPVT1.00 ED - 1 set.

Our company LLC Prizma can design and manufacture industrial hydrogen tunnel furnaces to your specifications. Please let us know the furnace parameters you require: temperature, working atmosphere, charge weight etc., and the furnace will be specially designed according to your requirements.