Vacuum resistance furnace SNVE-16/13

Vacuum furnace SNVE-16/13 (VEP-1a) is used in various thermal processes (annealing, degassing, sintering, etc.) in vacuum at temperatures up to 1400 °С and small gas emissions where there is no interaction between residual gases and components of the vacuum furnace.

Industrial vacuum furnace SNVE-16/13 is a chamber-type vacuum resistance furnace and consists of the following main components: vacuum section, transformer chamber and control panel.

Vacuum furnaces SNVE-16/13 (VEP-1a) are intended for indoor work in category 4.2 premises in a moderately cold climate modifications according to GOST 15150.

The furnace is designed to be used in the premises meeting the requirements of the “Interindustry labor safety rules for heat treatment of metals” POT PM RM-005-97.

Vacuum resistance furnace SNVE-16/13

Specifications of vacuum furnaces SNVE-16/13

Installed capacity, kW
Rated capacity of the electric heaters of the furnace, kW
Maximum temperature in the working area, °C
Temperature uniformity in the working area of the furnace at maximum temperature ±, °C
Stability of the set temperature control by the automatic heating control system ±, °C
Furnace working area dimensions, W x L x H, mm
400 х 200 х 200
Charge weight, not more than, kg
Ultimate residual pressure in the heating chamber of the cold furnace, Pa (mm hg)
4,0*10-4 (4,0*10-6)
Maximum working pressure in the heating chamber of the hot furnace, Pa (mm hg)
6,5*10-3 (6,5*10-5)
Rated voltage of supply mains, V
Nominal current frequency, Hz
Number of phases of furnace heater
Furnace cooling water consumption, m3/hour
Furnace dimensions, L x W x H, mm
2650 х 1500 х 1850
Furnace weight, not more than, kg
Nominal service life, years

Water consumption for vacuum furnace cooling corresponds to the temperature difference at the input and output of the cooling circuits 20 °С.

Charge weight of the vacuum furnace depends on charge density. Charge weight is smaller for small density charges.

Our company LLC Prizma can design and manufacture industrial vacuum furnaces to your specifications. Please let us know the furnace parameters you require: temperature, working atmosphere, working area dimensions, charge weight etc., and the furnace will be specially designed according to your requirements.