Vacuum resistance furnace SNVE-2.4.2/16-2

Vacuum resistance furnace SNVE-2.4.2/16-2 is used in various thermal processes (annealing, degassing, sintering, etc.) in vacuum at temperatures up to 1600 °С and small gas emissions where there is no interaction between the residual gases and components of the vacuum resistance furnace.

Vacuum furnaces SNVE-2.4.2/16-2 are designed to be used in the premises meeting the requirements of the “Interindustry labor safety rules for heat treatment of metals” POT PM RM-005-97.

Each heating chamber of the furnace is a horizontal cylindrical case closed from both ends by covers, fixed on the case by hinges and tumbler clamps.

Case and covers of resistance furnace SNVE-2.4.2/16-2 have cooling jackets. On the top part of the case of the electric furnace there are four lugs for installation of water-cooling copper current distributors. On the side of the case there are 6 inputs for installation of regulating and (if necessary) 4 temperature control sensors.

Inside the case there are thermal blocks consisting of lateral and two end shields made from molybdenum sheet 0.2 mm thick together with heating elements and their suspension brackets. Inside the thermal blocks there are molybdenum sheets acting as charge supports. Working area of the resistance furnace from the sides and from both end is surrounded by 10 w-shaped heaters made from molybdenum rod 6 mm in diameter, forming a single-phase system from two parallel-powered groups.

Charge can be loaded into a two-chamber furnace and unloaded from it from both ends of the heating chambers.

Example of the identification code that can be used to order the vacuum furnace:
- “Vacuum resistance furnace SNVE-2.4.2/16-2”;
Vacuum resistance furnace SNVE-2.4.2/16-2

Specifications of resistance vacuum furnaces SNVE-2.4.2/16-2

Installed capacity, kW
Electric heaters power in each chamber, kW
Maximum temperature in the working area, °С
Uniformity of temperature in the working area of the furnace at maximum temperature ±, °С
Stability of the set temperature control by the automatic heating control system ±, °С
Furnace working area dimensions, W x L x H, mm
(200 х 400 х 200) x 2
Charge weight in each chamber, not more than, kg
Maximum working pressure in heating chambers, Pa (mm hg)
- at 1000 °С
4,0*10-4 (4,0*10-6)
- at 1600 °С
1,0*10-3 (1,0*10-5)
Temperature of the external surfaces of the furnace, not more than °С
Rated voltage of the supply mains, V
Nominal current frequency, Hz
Number of phases of the furnace heater
Furnace cooling water consumption, m3/hour
Furnace dimensions, L x W x H, not more than, mm
- production section
1985 х 910 х 2000
- control panel
645 х 590 х 1900
- power supply unit
255 х 580 х 470
Furnace weight, not more than, kg
- production section
- control panel
- power supply unit
Rated service life for one-shift work, years

Our company LLC Prizma can design and manufacture industrial vacuum electric furnaces to your specifications. Please let us know the furnace parameters you require: temperature, working atmosphere, working area dimensions, charge weight etc., and the furnace will be specially designed according to your requirements.